AD Fafe is a Portuguese football team based in Fafe, a small city in the north of the country. The club was founded in 1949 and currently plays in the LigaPro (the second tier of the Portuguese football system). AD Fafe has been playing in the LigaPro since the 2013/14 season, and over the years has become an important part of the local community. The club plays their home matches at the Estádio Municipal de Fafe, a stadium that can seat up to 5,000 people.

AD Fafe’s best achievement to date was reaching the final of the Taça de Portugal in 1999. They lost the final to Sporting Lisbon, but their performance that season was enough to make the city of Fafe proud. Also, in 2008, the team reached the semi-finals of the Campeonato Nacional de Seniores – the third tier of the Portuguese football system.

AD Fafe has a strong youth academy, and has produced many talented players over the years. Some of the most famous players to come out of the club include Bruno Alves, Pedro Mendes, and Tiago Monteiro. These players have gone on to achieve success at the highest level of Portuguese football.

At the moment, AD Fafe is managed by Paulo Alves, one of the most experienced coaches in the Portugese football system. With his leadership, the team is hoping to continue their journey up the football pyramid and return to the top tier of Portuguese football.

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