FC Minsk is a Belarusian professional football team based in Minsk, Belarus. The team was founded in 1998 and currently plays in the Belarusian Premier League. FC Minsk is one of Belarus’s oldest and most successful teams, having won five Belarusian Premier League titles, six Belarusian Cups, and two Belarusian Super Cups since its inception.

The team’s home stadium is the Minsk-Arena, a 25,000-seat football-specific stadium that has hosted major international matches including UEFA events, World Cup qualifiers, and the 2009 European U-21 Championship. FC Minsk also maintains a rivalry with the other major club in Minsk, Dinamo Minsk, who play their home games at the Dinamo-Yubileyni Stadium.

FC Minsk’s squad consists of experienced veterans and talented up-and coming players from both Belarus and abroad. The team has had a number of internationally-recognized stars in its lineup over the years. These include Alexei Baga, one of Belarus’ most successful players, and Portugese defender Bruno Luiz who has played many years of top-level football in Europe.

The club enjoys strong support from its home fans and the local football community. The Minsk-Arena often sees attendances of 30,000 or more for the team’s biggest matches and the team is known for its passionate and colorful displays of support.

FC Minsk’s ambitions are to continue to compete at the highest level and to challenge for honors in Belarus and in Europe. The team’s success in recent years has seen it progress to the group stages of European competitions, and the team is looking to build on its past achievements and become a regular fixture in Europe’s top flight.

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