Kongsvinger is a professional football club based in Kongsvinger, Norway. Founded in 1896, it is one of the oldest football clubs in Norway where members have to pay a membership to take part. In 2020, Kongsvinger placed seventh in the Objeligaen, the highest division in Norwegian football.

Kongsvinger was founded in 1896 when brothers Haakon and Gustav Maartmann Larssen suggested a soccer team in the city of Kongsvinger. The team rose through the divisions of the Norwegian football league and managed to stay in the top-tier until 1976. They returned to the top-tier in 2004, after years spent in the lower divisions.

Since their return to the top-tier, Kongsvinger has made impressive progress. The team won the Norwegian Cup in 2007 and has since qualified for European play three times. In 2010, they became the first team to ever beat Northern Ireland’s Linfield in a European match.

Kongsvinger also began competing in the UEFA Europa League in 2016. That season marked their best ever campaign in European competition, as they advanced to the second round of the tournament.

Kongsvinger has also been the host of international tournaments, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Norway and North Macedonia. This event was the first international match hosted by Kongsvinger, further solidifying the club’s place in the global football landscape.

Until recently, Kongsvinger has featured a strong youth system. This system has been responsible for producing high quality players for both Kongsvinger and other clubs in Europe. With the right resources, Kongsvinger’s youth system could be one of Europe’s best.

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