Since the establishment of the football club Maastricht in 1912, the city of Maastricht has been the team’s home. The club has competed in the Dutch top flight Eredivisie since 1936 and has won the championship on two occasions (1939, 1982). The club’s fan base is large and fervent, and the team is well known and loved throughout the Netherlands.

Maastricht’s home ground is the Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of 52,000. The club’s crest features a white horse standing on a red background, with a green field in the background. The horse symbolizes the city of Maastricht’s role as a transportation hub. The blue field represents the water of the Meuse river, which runs through Maastricht. The stadium was built in 2001 and has been the team’s home since.

The club’s current head coach is Republican Maastrichtian Pieter Huistra, who took over from former Chelsea and Netherlands international Michael Laudrup in the summer of 2018. The club’s most successful player is Pim Verbeek, who won three Eredivisie titles (1992, 1994, 1995) and two KNVB Cups (1994, 1995).

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