Mainz II is a German football club from the city of Mainz, Hesse. The club was formed on 14 May 1946 as a successor to TuS Mainz 05, which had been dissolved after the Second World War. The club first played in the Bezirksliga Main-Hessen, and was relegated in 1957. After two seasons in the Amateurliga Hessen-Nord, Mainz II was promoted to the Amateurliga Hessen, where it played for two seasons before being relegated again. After two seasons in the Amateurliga Südwest, the club was promoted to the Regionalliga Süd, the second level of the German football league system, in 1985. Mainz II played in the Regionalliga Süd until 2001, when it was relegated to the 3. Liga. After only two seasons in the 3. Liga, the club was relegated again to the Regionalliga Nord, where it played until 2013, when it was relegated to the Regionalliga Südwest. In 2017, the club was relegated to the Verbandsliga Hessen.

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