Sasel United is a football club based in the town of Saseland in the municipality of Strand in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. They play in the Fourth Division, the fifth tier of Norwegian football.

The club was founded in 1953 and played their first season in the Fourth Division. They have played in the Fourth Division ever since. Sasel United play their home matches at the Rosenlund stadium.

The club is affiliated with the Football Association of Norway.

Sasel United has had a number of successful seasons, including third place in the Third Division in 1978 and second place in the Fourth Division in 1990. They also won the Fourth Division in 1967 and the Third Division in 1975. The club has had a number of players go on to play for top side sides, including Vidar Romstedt and Bjørn Steinar Sverre Hegdal.

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