Shrewsbury Town Football Club is a football club based in Shrewsbury, England. The club was formed in 1895 and played its first competitive game in the 1896–97 season. The club played in the Football League for the first time in 1920–21 and has been in the Football League ever since. The club played in the Second Division for most of its history, but has spent the last few seasons in the Football League Championship. The club played in the FA Cup for the first time in 1970–71 and reached the semi-finals in 1999–2000. The club has also played in the Football League Cup seven times, reaching the semi-finals in 1995–96. The club’s most successful season was in 1954–55, when it won the Football League championship. The club’s home ground is the New Meadow, which has a capacity of 10,262.

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