Fixed football matches refer to a form of match-fixing that has been around since the early days of the sport. It involves a match, in which the outcome is predetermined, often in the interests of either one team or the other. This form of match-fixing has long been banned and condemned by FIFA and other governing bodies, but the risk of it occurring is still present.

There are several types of football matches that are impacted by fixed football matches. One of the most commonly affected matches are competitive games, such as league and cup matches. These games are especially vulnerable to match-fixing, as a team could benefit if they are able to win the match through unethical means. This could lead to a team gaining an unfair advantage over their opponents, with the possibility of further league and cup success. Additionally, results of these matches could be used to manipulate a team’s standing in the league or knockout tournament.

Friendly matches are also vulnerable to match-fixing due to the lack of importance of the result and the potential for both teams to benefit from it. There have been a number of cases of friendly matches being fixed in order to benefit both teams in some way, either financially or through boosting the reputation of a team or player. Usually, this form of match-fixing is done in order to benefit one of the teams more than the other, with the possibility of a payment being made to one team in return for their complicity in the match-fixing.

Finally, international matches are also vulnerable to match-fixing. This is due to the large potential for reward and the ability to influence the outcome of a match through bribery or other means. Often, this form of match-fixing is organised by betting syndicates, as it can enable them to make large profits based on the result of the match. Additionally, international matches can also have long-reaching implications, as they can potentially affect how a team performs in major tournaments such as the World Cup.

Overall, fixed football matches can have a significant impact on the types of matches that are played. As mentioned, competitive matches, friendly matches and international matches are especially susceptible to match-fixing, as they have the potential to influence the results and manipulate standings. It is therefore important that governing bodies take action to prevent and combat match-fixing, in order to ensure that the integrity and fairness of the sport is maintained.

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