FIFA, the governing body of international football (or soccer) has long taken a strong stance against fixed football matches. Since early in FIFA’s history, the organization has worked to promote the integrity of the game, and to ensure that matches are decided fairly and without outside influences or manipulation. This effort has been one of the most important planks in FIFA’s platform, and the organization has gone to great lengths to ensure that matches are fair and beyond reproach.

In 1997, FIFA established its Code of Ethics, which outlines the standards that all players, coaches, and administrators of the game must adhere to in order to ensure the fair and honest conduct of football matches around the world. The Code of Ethics outlines the responsibilities of all those associated with the game to ensure that matches are not manipulated or fixed. It explicitly states that any attempts to fix a match, or to influence its outcome, shall be punished with severe sanctions.

FIFA also actively investigates cases of suspected match-fixing, and works with international law enforcement agencies to bring those responsible to justice. The organization has also implemented a number of measures to prevent match fixing, including the introduction of the Early Warning System, which helps to detect any suspicious betting patterns. In addition, FIFA also works with international sports betting organizations, to alert them to any attempts to manipulate matches.

Finally, FIFA works to ensure that all competitions affiliated with the organization are as transparent and accountable as possible. This includes the introduction of financial and administrative regulations that require full disclosure of all sources of income related to competitions. This helps to ensure that no outside influences are at play in the game, and that all teams are competing on a level playing field.

Overall, FIFA’s stance on fixed football matches is clear and consistent – it will not tolerate any attempts to manipulate or fix the outcome of a match, and will do everything in its power to ensure that the sport is played fairly and honestly.

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