The media portrayal and coverage of fixed football matches has become very prominent due to the recent increase in these incidents. There has been a lot of focus on how footballers and coaches are affected by the matches being fixed, as well as how fans are impacted.

The issue of fixed football matches has been highlighted by the media with a number of examples being given. Journalists have pointed out the potential loss of earnings for a team due to a fixed match as well as the possibility of a team losing credibility and respect from the footballing world. This has caused a lot of negative publicity for those involved and is something that the media has highlighted quite heavily.

In addition to the financial issues, the media coverage has also shown the impact that a fixed match can have on a team’s morale. It is not only those directly involved in the match that are affected but also the players and coaches of the team who may struggle to find motivation to continue playing. This has been highlighted, with interviews with players and coaches who talk about the issues of having to put extra effort in to try and win games in which they know have been fixed.

The media has also shown how fixed matches can affect fan bases. Fans are often left feeling disillusioned and angry with their team, as they feel that they have been lied to by the players and coaches. This has been highlighted in articles which explain how the fans have been betrayed by their team and that this can lead to a decrease in the number of people attending matches and a decrease in the sale of team merchandise.

Overall, the media coverage of fixed football matches has been very prominent over the past few years. It has highlighted the financial and morale impacts that these matches can have, as well as the issues that they can cause for fan bases. It is clear that this is an issue that needs to be addressed by the footballing world, in order to ensure that these matches are no longer being fixed.

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